Our lab focuses on acquiring and utilizing high throughput sequencing data (e.g. RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq) to develop new computational models and newbiological assays to study genome regulation and human diseases, in particular immune related disorders and cancer. We are now working on the discovery and modeling of the regulatory circuitry of the non-coding genome which is essential for maintaining normal cellular physiology. 

Lab News 


2017- Paper accepted in Nature Immonology

2016- Papers accepted in Sci-Imm, JI, Onc-Tar
2015- Papers accepted in NARJVIPNASMSB
2015- K22 NIH grant accepted
2014- Papers accepted: MBEGBE
2013- Papers accepted: NARPGGR
2013- Joined NIH as postdoc
2007- Joined UIUC as PhD student

Our lab is hiring postdocs, technicians, and graduate students who are interested in the Next-generation sequencing applications in human diseases and genome regulation. We have exciting projects for both biologists and computational biologists. Please contact me at: kazemian@purdue.edu

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